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TEDx Countdown Event: IMPACT -

Women Leadership for inclusive Climate Action Unifying through Diversity to tackle Climate Change

Virtual Event - December 15. 2021

How did the common story of Climate and Gender Equality begin? Have you ever thought?

Yes, they have a common story going back to BC. We will better understand why both Climate Change and Gender Inequality are human-made crisis.

At this event, we will discuss in-depth,

 Where are we at and what is the Threat waiting for Women Leadership for Sustainability

 What should we do so that Female Leaders will rise?

 Which trap shouldn’t we fall into?

 Myths we need to change NOW!

It is time to RISE from the GOLDEN MINE of HUMANITY in the old days (BC) when women, men, and nature were perceived and respected as ONE. We need to be the `ONE` to become `ONE`.


Are you ready? Then Join Us!

TEDx Plattsburgh Virtual Countdown Event

IMPACT: Intrinsic Motivation for Persistent ACT to Tackle Climate Change.

Reducing CO2 emissions, NETZERO, Green Technologies, Clean Industrial Processes or Business Ambitions are all "Call for Actions".
They have a common threat to tackle. A global threat. We mostly forget how these actions appear before becoming global: Locally, individually. We need so much more "green" initiatives. Self-motivation is a neglected key factor for these initiatives to thrive and get global.
We all need to SEE the gap between WHAT KIND OF FUTURE is waiting for us and WHAT KIND of FUTURE WE WANT. We need to powerfully connect with each other and take actions through our self-motivation to make our Collective Future that we would like for ourselves, for the future generations.
At this event, we will discuss how Self-Motivation triggering the holistic actions for Climate Change can be the missing piece of the Sustainability Puzzle.

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