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I am AB Cinar
I am a passionate personal development and health coach to guide and empower Leaders, Executives, Managers and CEOs to unlock and maximize their potential to Be the One they want to become.
My mission is to have a profound impact on the world through positive transformation of lives locally and globally by value-based coaching.
I have built up my expertise through working with a diverse stakeholders such as Public, Universities, Business Partners, NGOs, Research Institutions and the Governmental Departments.
I empower professionals to achieve their goals through sustainable positive transformation. I want to help you make your life better, healthier and happier and  more successful


As a coach and trainer, I help people understand how our beliefs, values and the environments we operate in can trigger negative behaviors and poor health (physical, social and mental). Through simple and practical coaching approach, I help and support people achieve and sustain positive change in behavior and health.

I successfully have designed, executed and managed the full life-cycle of international/national multidisciplinary complex research projects, underpinned by coaching, across cross-cultural and multidisciplinary working environments over the last 14 years.


I have built credible collaborative working relationships with individuals, teams, diverse international/national stakeholders, and business partners, focusing on change management. I have recruited and built my international project teams and  she mentored team members.

I have been internationally transferring knowledge and experience from my projects into development and implementation of

  • personal growth opportunities for individuals,

  • learning and training for students and the professionals over 10 years.


Based on all this experience and expertise, I have been awarded for the leadership talent by the Scottish Crucible -2018 and the Young Academy of Scotland, the RSE, membership.

I am one of the successful pioneers in executive coaching for health and I have one passion that has guided and built a my expertise: To help people to unlock and maximize their potential to have a happier, more confident and flourished life.

I have worked with hundreds of people, through my coaching, to improve health and well-being, to adopt healthy lifestyles and to achieve personal/professional success over the years, and we all together have created success stories.

In terms of professional training:

  • Masters at Business Administration

  • PhD at Medical Sciences

  • ICC Professional Coach (recognized by the EMCC)

  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coaching Center Coach

  • Coach Master Tool Training by Andrew Neitlich (CCE Credited)

All these professional knowledge and expertise has been used to help and support You to improve health and well-being, and to succeed in private and professional life.

I have worked with professionals and senior executives at international Higher Education Institutions (University of Helsinki, University of Copenhagen,and University of Dundee) and multidisciplinary stakeholders (Business, Public Health, NGOs, Governmental Bodies).

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Success Stories (Will it work for me?)

Who am I ?
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From the day we together start our 'Learning, Acting, Growing' Journey, underpinned by coaching, we will work as a team. So you will become a collaborative team member.

Becoming a resilient and agile leader is a challenge for you?

If leaders know how to be good leaders, then they will become good leaders, right?  Millions of dollars are being spent globally on leadership training, workshops and coaching. Nearly all participants truly understand the value of what is being taught. However, knowledge mostly does not turn into behaviour change. This assumption of, ‘If they know, they will do,” is not valid in any area of our life – how can we expect it to be different in leadership?
People don't get better because they go to "programs". They don't get better because they listen to motivational speakers. They only get better if they pick something important to improve on (value), involve the people around them (social support) and follow up in a disciplined way (self-management).
You already understand value and the challenge of creating a deeply rooted culture of leadership and the importance of resilient and agile leadership? However, it is still a challenge for you?
The World’s #1 Leadership Thinker, Marshall Goldsmith, found the most simple yet effective way of creating measurable leadership growth for executives.  It is so effective, the growth is even guaranteed.  Since I am Marshall Goldsmith certified, this is the exact approach I take with my coaching clients.  Have a look at the attachment and let me know what you think.


 'I am not the product of my circumstances,

I am the product of My Decisions'

                                                       S. Covey


Your stress is negatively affecting how you make decisions, how you feel and communicate?

Stress globally leads to serious drops in productivity and end up costing a huge amount for both private companies and governments.
Depression, anxiety disorders, and stress are increasingly recognised as systemic illnesses with a range of mechanisms, including in immune and inflammatory pathways, that negatively affect physical health and emotional health.
In the UK,
  • Work-related stress accounted for an average of 23.9 workdays lost/person,
  • The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2017/18 was 15.4 million days,
  • All that leads to lost output for employers and the self-employed of £43.0 billion/year, and lost tax/national insurance revenue to the public purse of £14.4 billion/year.
All these facts are estimated to be aggravated by COVID-19 challenges. Many employees and employers face too much pressure due to financial constraints, uncertainty, organisational changes at work, all that leading to high levels of stress due to the pandemic. 
Today, leaders need to develop multifaceted strategies speaking for operations, finance and corporate well-being, so that their business can survive, recover and thrive.Corporate well-being is the competitive edge as employee health and well-being creativity and high performance are so closely related.
To Be the One Coaching Approach has shown to reduce stress at 6% and to lead significant positive behaviour change and improved performance.
So let`s talk!

Do you have questions around how to communicate most effectively with your employees, engage and motivate them, in particular when the businesses are about to re-open?

Then let`s talk!

Let's talk about How to Transform Your Life!

Live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life – whether that means managing successfully your health and lifestyle, achieving in your private or professional life  or discovering who you really are.


To Be the One Coaching Approach will help and support you to move forward from where you are to the destination where you want to be, no matter how blurry and curly the road is.

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Are you ready to embrace your dreams?

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