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Passion of coaching blended with unique professional background and expertise: being a catalyst for positive change as a coach, bringing cutting-edge insights and experience as a researcher and trainer, and being a visionary leader by professional business background and through building up strategic alliances with public,  business partners, NGOs, governments and academic institutions.



MY APPROACH is evidence-based; blended with research, and knowledge-exchange with professionals, and what I have learned from my clients like you. So Let's Talk about how to ACT-GROW-LEARN TOGETHER. We need to embrace both our personal and professional life with joy and fulfilment if we want to live a complete life. Being completely healthy,happy  and successful depends on the balance between personal and professional life. Then Let's talk!


let`s talk about how we co-design solutions


Leadership Development refers to  individual behaviour change management which is both science and art. Some experts claim to know what the client needs…sometimes even before the client does! Many experts pride themselves on their instinctual ability to assess and provide what clients need.  

I am NOT one of those experts or coaches.

I am a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centred Coach and the coaching methodology is a collaborative partnership and provides measurable success. It includes:

  • understanding your leadership related problems, needs and expectations,

  • creating self-awareness on who you want to become or what you want to achieve as a leader,

  • working together on change and growth through continuous support and empowerment. 


This coaching methodology is blended with To Be the One approach; all that speaks for an effective and sustainable leadership development until You Achieve Measurable Success

'The consistent and ongoing mis-assumption of almost all leadership development programs is "if they understand, they will do." This assumption is not valid in any aspect of our lives, and leadership development is no exception.'

                                                                        M. Goldsmith

You will only get better in professional life not by working harder and harder but only if you identify what is important what is not  important to work or improve on, involve the people around you and follow up in a disciplined way.You need an evidence-based proven methodology with proven results. 

So let's talk about how you can become a resilient and agile leader!!

Today there are two kind of organisations: Traditional vs. Agile Organizations:

The dominant traditional organizations have evolved for stability in a well-known environment. Organization has a static, siloed, structural hierarchy that operates through linear planning and control to execute one or very few business models.


`Agile organizations, have evolved to thrive in an unpredictable, rapidly changing environment. They focus on customers, fluidly adapt to environmental changes, and are open, inclusive, and non-hierarchical; they evolve continually and embrace uncertainty and ambiguity. `McKinsey

Which one is your organization?

`To build and lead an agile organization, it’s crucial that senior leaders develop new mind-sets and capabilities to transform themselves, their teams, and the organization.`

So the journey starts with your transformation. What is challenge on the way of leadership transformation?

Let`s Talk!


Burnout: “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,” by WHO. It has three dimensions:

  1. feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;

  2. increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; 

  3. reduced professional efficacy.

if burnout is not solved for a long time, then it is a threatening factor for health, as chronic negative emotions and stress in the long run contributes to poor health and chronic diseases.


Today many people are overwhelmed by over workload in both private and professional life. That is one of the major leading factors for burnout, lonely and sad. I

Poor overwhelm and priority management is another leading factor for burnout, and many leaders are unequipped to deal with time management and burnout.Negative or confused internal dialogue, exhaustion, and feeling down are expressed in sentences such as: 

  • “Why can’t I get this stuff done? Because I’m burned out/I have no energy"

  • "Why am I burned out?"

  • "I’ve internalized the idea that I should be working all the time to be successful since I was young. Now it is not working"

  • "I have no enthusiasm or motivation to move forward"

  • "I feel drained"

  • "I have continuous headaches and stomach cramps"


The overwhelm and priority management is very much alike an iceberg and I always have a safe deep dive with my clients to the invisible part of the iceberg. We, for example, explore limiting beliefs and mis-assumptions that have formed the iceberg. These are expressed in the words of my clients during coaching sessions such as:

  • ' I dont have time'

  • ' There is not enough time'

  • 'I want to have more time for my family/myself'


Time is our most important asset and it's nonrenewable or replaceable. Time is limited and you can not change the amount of time you have in one day. However you can change yourself and your plans, all that means you need to prioritize things in your life. If you have equal degree of prioritization for certain assets in your life such as professional and private life, then you need to have balance those priorities.

It is not easy to succeed and lead in today's Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous work environments. One of the success criteria in that environment is Being Agile and Resilient.


Overwhelm and priority management is the key for agility and resilience. So it is another dimension of successful leadership development.


You will not only find one concrete and sustainable solution for burnout through becoming an agile and resilient leader with a stress-free mind but you will also explore who you want to become.


So let's talk about How do YOU WANT TO FEEL rather than feeling stressed, overwhelmed and no time!


Then let`s talk about how to develop new mind-sets and to improve wellbeing of your employees/team members

  • The energy between you and your employees is more powerful than the words shared.

  • How we listen to each other is the critical factor for getting positive results for successful strategy management and long-term success

  • You will sparkle as a leader only if your employees understand and support you.

  • And all depends on how much you care and support and wellbeing of your employees. Can you really show your support?

`The masks are only meant to keep passengers supplied with oxygen until a pilot is able to bring the aircraft down. Up in the cockpit pilots get their own oxygen masks. Once they're outfitted, they maneuver the plane to less than 10,000 feet in altitude, where passengers will be able to breathe more easily.`

So as a leader first you need to rescue yourself, in other words, you need to become resilient and agile while you are managing effectively your physical and mental health. Then you need to lead your employees for positive health and well-being, and create space and opportunities that they can be creative and actively engage.


Workplace Well-being is essential to the social brand and success of your company's current and future goals. Having a healthy and well motivated workforce results in higher levels of up-skilled employee and talent retention, lower levels of sickness and absenteeism, and higher levels of creativity and performance.

The current Covid-19 crisis is affecting employees’ mental health and thereby their motivation, engagement and performance in different ways. The risk of still working in close contact with others; the threat of illness, the challenges of self-isolating, new workplace regulations, concerns about transport can all have an impact. 

I provide evidence-based, measurable and tailored solutions to the challenges to your employees are facing and also to the dilemmas and challenges you experience on how to communicate, engage and motivate your employees.

I am a professional coach and also behavioural scientist who have worked hundreds of people on the triangle of Understanding Self - Personal Motivation - Engagement, followed by sustainable positive change, by initiation of powerful and constructive conversations and tools.

You can find many guidelines on workplace well-being, however the real challenge is `How to implement them effectively and sustainably, and measure the impact as well`. Every business will have its own `How` challenges.

So let's talk  about challenges and explore solutions together!!


Let`s listen what strategic planning expert master Andrew Neitclich says about how coaching help strategic management:


`Coaching is a more efficient approach for developing a strategy. A coaching process respects the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the organization’s employees. It relies on leadership to get a conversation going in the organization and make the difficult choices required to set direction. The coach can ask tough questions, keep people on task, serve as a sounding board, speak up when leadership wavers, and assist with implementation support.`

             Andrew Neitlich - founder and director of the Center for Executive Coaching

Do you have any challenges around strategic management, in particular during this Covid-19 crisis?

  • We can’t agree on a common approach or language for strategic planning.

  • We can’t say “no” to initiatives, and has far too many strategic initiatives to handle with limited resources.

  • We are trying to be everything to everyone and is failing to distinguish ourselves in the market. We need to figure out what we do best, and do it.

  • We have a key strategic decision to make.

  • We have a strategy in place, and need your help to review it.

  • We have a strategy, and it is not getting done.

  • We suffer from analysis paralysis when it comes to strategy and can’t make decisions.

  • Too many people are involved and we need help getting everyone aligned.

Then let`s talk!

I am trained on Strategic Planning, underpinned by coaching training  by the Master Trainer Andrew Neitlich.

Strategic Management is an intellectual process that you need to measure your success at every level. The design of that process is a blend of art and professional knowledge, and that is a blueprint for your journey towards success.

So let`s talk about your journey towards success!