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Business Meeting

Group Exercise 2

Trio of Purpose, Hybrid Workplace Design,  Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

15 minutes


1- First take a look at the scores and remember what you rated (You can share if you want)


2- Then look at the other scores. What is different? What is similar? What do you recognize?

3-If you are working within this (hybrid) team, how would you engage team members and enable collaboration between them?

For example: for `Energy level` there's 1 seven 6 eights . So you have 7 really super intense/fast people. And then you have a 5 and 6. You know, when you're on the left of the scale of pace, you like to do one thing at a time and do it well. What does this mean
If these scores were from your team, as a leader, how would you not  burn 5s & 6s




  • Discuss how workshops for your team facilitating use of the tools like below can improve employee engagement and wellbeing to have ultimate success and competitive edge in the market.

  • How will you feel if your team becomes a high performance (unstoppable) team that every team member aligns purposefully with team goal/s and collaboratively does his/her best to achieve outstanding outcomes while he/she is proud of being a member of your team?

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